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End 68 Hours of Hunger

Dover Dems contribute every week to End 68 Hours of Hunger Saturday food donation collections. Collections are held from 10:00-Noon every Saturday. Suggested items are listed HERE. A HUGE THANK YOU to all who join in this effort.


For the 2022-2023 school year, Dover Dems have doubled our effort to address food insecurity, especially among children. We will be staffing the Saturday food collections twice a month:


Ward 5 - January 7th & 21st

Ward 6 - February 4th & 18th

Ward 1 - March 4th

Ward 1 - March 18

Ward 2 - April 1 and 15

Ward 3 - May 6 & 20


End 68 Hours of Hunger does not operate over the summer.

Foods to donate:

  • Peanut Butter – 18 oz plastic

  • Saltines / Graham Crackers

  • Canned Beef Stew

  • Canned Pasta – Beefaroni, Ravioli

  • Canned Soup – 12-20 oz size

  • Hormel Complete Meals

  • Macaroni and Cheese

  • Fruit Cups – 4 pack

  • Granola Bars/Nutrition Bars

  • Instant Flavored Rice or Noodles

  • Instant Flavored Potatoes

  • Tuna or Chicken or Pulled Pork – 10 oz or smaller cans

  • Instant Oatmeal individual packets

  • Pudding Cups – 4 pack

Items End 68 is not able to accept:

  • Oils/butter/spices/sugar/flour

  • Fresh meat/produce/milk/eggs

  • Coffee/tea/creamer

  • Seeds

  • Cleaning products

  • Hygiene/health/safety products

Please do donate whenever you can - the need is great. On your ward Saturdays, please come by right at noon for some special recognition of your ward’s good work on that day. All are always welcome!’


St. John's Methodist Church, 28 Cataract Ave, Dover

For more information about End 68 Hours of Hunger, click HERE

Community Action Partnership of Strafford County

We invite you to consider Community Action Partnership's fuel assistance program, Gift of Warmth supporting the Emergency Fuel Assistance Program which relies on private donations to help struggling families keep warm in the winter.

Dover Dems invites us all to make a personal contribution this year, perhaps in remembrance of a kind, generous soul. Donate HERE. Thank you.

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