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Values of the Dover Democrats 


After the 2016 Presidential election, the Dover Democrats launched a process to develop actions we could take to safeguard our democracy, our environment, our economy, and our society. We also identified the shared values that inspired and provided us with a rationale for these actions. 


Our goal is to make explicit those values that guide our positions, our candidates, our communications, and the type of society we advocate. The values we embrace are:


Dignity of All People

We believe in the dignity of all people where every individual is worthy of respect regardless of their circumstances. 



Our compassion for others is characterized by empathy, sympathy, acceptance, and kindness. 



Justice compels us to advocate for fairness, equality, protection of rights, and equitable treatment for all people and the environment.



Integrity requires us to act with fairness, transparent honesty, and with a strong moral compass.



Freedom balances our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with the communal responsibility to ensure we are all free to thrive in a safe, secure, and just society. 


Responsible Citizenship

Responsible citizenship demands we build a better world by ensuring social, economic, and environmental justice for everyone.


Promoting a Civil Society 

Promoting a civil society requires us to be responsible citizens and to unite for the common good. 


Protecting Our Environment

Protecting our environment obligates us to respect, conserve, and restore nature and the natural environment. 

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