By the Plastics Team of the Energy & Environment Action Group

Wool dryer balls are a non-toxic and energy efficient alternative to chemically-laden, plastic-based dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Dryer balls work by separating and moving the wet clothes around in the dryer and creating airflow, thus minimizing drying time, saving energy, and avoiding wrinkles in clothes. Dryer balls can be reused around 1000 times before replacing them. Find wool dryer balls in local stores and online. Better yet, buy them from local farms that sell wool or make your own from old sweaters and be even greener.

Washable Mesh Bags:Take reusable, washable mesh bags to the grocery store or farmers' market, rather than using the store's single-use plastic bags for fruits and vegetables. You can take a UPC label off one piece of produce and put it on the bag's label to make it convenient for the checkout clerk. Bags come in a variety of sizes and materials. Choose natural fabrics whenever possible. Bags are easily available in local grocery stores, health food stores, and online, or make your own from what you have around your home. Another easy way to reduce plastic pollution.

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