Where they stand . . . Sherry Frost, Dover Ward 4, Strafford District 16

by Debbie Bodell

Sherry Frost is the current State Representative for Dover Ward 4, Strafford District 16, and is the Democratic candidate for re-election this year.   

Sherry has been in the State House since 2014.  An educator and instructor, she was born and raised in New England and has lived in Dover since 1990.  Sherry does not describe herself as a politician; rather she considers herself an activist who has been elected.  

When asked what words people might use to describe her, Sherry had to qualify her answer.  She hopes people think of her as brave, compassionate, and driven; though she thinks some people might say she’s a hothead with a potty mouth.  She admits that all of these words describe her.  But Sherry’s passion for social justice, including getting in front of racial concerns in the state; implementing ethical public education; and true health care for all Granite Staters, guides her work and her

votes.  She proudly voted to eliminate the death penalty in New Hampshire.  

Although the State House will have challenges legislating in 2021 due to COVID, Sherry is looking forward to continuing her work. Her key areas of focus will include: enacting Body Autonomy legislation; creating a New Hampshire minimum wage; and addressing unfair property tax issues.

Sherry met her husband when he came to complain one Sunday morning when they lived next door to each other, and she was playing her Mozart too loud.   Sherry always keeps Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream in the house and enjoys British crime dramas for entertainment.  

The most important message Sherry has is for the Progressive voters.  She asks that Progressives do not give up.  Every vote matters!


Debbie is a Dover Democrat and activist.  Her favorite ice cream is Cowlicks' Chocolate Lover.


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