Where they stand . . . Peter Schmidt, Dover Wards 1 and 2, Strafford District 19

by Claire Brown

Re-election to the New Hampshire House would enable Rep. Peter Schmidt to focus on issues that demonstrate the scope of his priorities, from local to global levels, with equal passion.

As a member of the Executive Departments and Administration Committee, Peter works on regulatory legislation that affects the everyday lives of citizens.  He notes that although many of the committee’s issues may "fly under the radar, they keep the machinery running” to ensure New Hampshire remains “a wonderful place to live.”

Peter’s other major priority affects Granite Staters as citizens of the world. Climate change, he believes, “is the greatest peril of our time.”  In addition to rising sea levels affecting America’s coasts, including southeast New Hampshire, violent weather events are presently impacting our lives and will likely increase impact, in the near and distant future, in unimaginable ways. If re-elected, Peter will continue to support bills addressing climate change concerns “It’s real, it’s urgent; we can’t close our eyes or wish it away. We need a Democratic majority for real progress.”

That majority is increasingly important because the Governor is undermining the electoral process by vetoing a large, unprecedented number of bills – often bipartisan – that affect all aspects of life, Peter believes. “Governor Sununu is frustrating the electoral results by cancelling the accomplishments the Democratic majority legislature was sent to Concord to accomplish."

If voters of Dover Wards 1 and 2, Strafford District 19 re-elect Peter, it will be for a tenth term. After moving to New Hampshire 30 years ago, he wound up teaching German at the University of New Hampshire for about a decade before serving on the Dover City Council for three years.

As a Representative, Peter’s commitment to constituents is straightforward: participate in committee work as well as attend sessions to both initiate and support measures that represent Democratic values. “It’s the job voters have sent me to Concord to do,” he states.

Although legislative work keeps Peter busy, he enjoys choral singing and ballroom dancing as hobbies. Because of COVID-19, he isn’t presently singing with a group, but it’s certain he’ll have lots of opportunities to use his voice and footwork in Concord.


Claire joined Dover Democrats after retiring to Dover in 2017 and serves on its Executive Committee and Communications  Team. She lives in Ward 1 with her two aging dachshunds.  


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