Where they stand . . . Peter Bixby, Strafford County, District 17

by Pat Ross

Peter bases his public service on the belief that government should serve the common good. His key issues include climate change, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. He has had a positive impact on those issues through his service on the Environment and Agriculture Committee. His academic background – literature studies and editorial work – make him skilled at analyzing, assessing, and reworking his committee’s bills.

Peter at Democratic Headquarters in Dover in 1918.

He believes the critical issues New Hampshire faces include health care, employment, business viability, and education, all of which have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 virus. Peter believes that education, business and health care systems must become more resilient. In addition, he believes health care is a right--not a privilege.

Peter has also been involved in improving the states animal welfare laws and has taken the lead on legislation to legalize growing hemp in New Hampshire. He also was involved in creating laws to speed the cleanup of the Coakley Landfill.

When not in Concord, Peter raises and cooks a large portion of the meals for his wife and two children. His hobbies include fencing, contradancing, singing traditional folk songs, and brewing cider and fruit wines using fruit he grows in his orchard.


Pat came to Dover from Washington, D.C. 30 years ago. She serves on Dover Dems' Communications Team handling media relations and editorial oversight of print and online publications.


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