Where they stand . . . Ken Vincent, Dover Wards 5 and 6 and Somersworth Ward 2

by Donna Maskwa

Passionate, caring and dedicated are the top three of many words that describe Representative Ken Vincent.  Representative Vincent a member of nh house. of reps is running for his third term serving Dover Wards 5 and 6 and Somersworth Ward 2.

Ken is a retired firefighter with more than 33 years of service and is a local business owner.  A resident of Somersworth, Ken also serves on the City Council and has been a youth football coach and member of the Lion’s Club.

“I think I try to be a very straightforward, honest guy.  I say what I have to say and if I like something, or don’t like something, I’m going to tell you.”

Serving and caring for his community as a rep has been a natural transition for Ken after retiring as a firefighter.  His motivation is always helping others and he connects his legislative activity to the needs of the people he serves.  “As a firefighter I responded to 35 overdoses where 11 people died.  The opioid crisis was out of control and when I retired I felt compelled to get involved with the state.” Ken served on a Mental Health Caucus and understands the links between drug addition, alcohol abuse, and mental health issues. “We have to look out for people,” he believes.

As a member of the house Science, Technology and Energy Committee, Ken is working to address issues pertaining to climate change and clean energy.  He’s gone “head to head with energy companies that kept trying to pass bills to make it easier for the energy companies to charge more to rate payers. We just had a 24% proposed increase for power lines. That’s a lot of money if your bill goes up like that.  You can’t get anywhere.”

Ken drove his vintage Cadillac in Dems' Tri-City "Get out the Vote" Car Rally August 9.

Ken currently is working on a bill to increase penalties for violations of the Privacy Act, specifically for privately recording someone without permission and posting it online?

Looking at a third term, Ken would like to continue working to pass a family leave act. “It helps ALL people.  It helps people in need.” He also wants to support more clean energy legislation. 

His fellow Representatives Peter Schmidt, Peter Bixby and Susan Treleaven have greatly influenced Ken.  “Look at their records.  They all care!” Ken feels his best accomplishment is, “that I stood up for people.”


Donna is a veteran political volunteer who has worked on campaigns in at least five states and counting.  She is a proud Dover Democrat and is Vice Chair of the Dover Democratic Committee.  She is voting from home in her PJs this year.


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