Where they stand . . . Cinde Warmington, Candidate for Executive Council, District 2

Cinde Warmington’s bid for Executive Councilor may be her first shot at elected office, but with

four decades of experience in health care and law, she’s well qualified for the job.

As the first member of her family to finish college, Cinde worked hard to earn a degree in Medical Technology: she initially trained as a phlebotomist to pay her way through school. She remained in hospital work for twenty years and although her responsibilities eventually became supervisory, Cinde remained in close touch with patients, their families and the issues they faced.

In order to help people more meaningfully while making good use of her professional abilities, Cinde returned to school to earn a degree in health care law.

For the past 20 years, Cinde has navigated the complicated legal issues faced by patients, their families and caregivers, and health care providers. Her expertise in the regulatory side of health care law has enabled Cinde to be a strong advocate for those unable to represent themselves, particularly those suffering from mental illness.

Cinde’s commitment to defending the welfare and rights of others inspired her to get involved in Democratic politics. Initially, she volunteered on behalf of Senator Jeanne Shaheen. More recently, she chaired the state party’s platform committee, traveling to meet with citizens throughout New Hampshire to ensure the final product reflected their values.

Cinde, husband Bill and their buddy Harley.

When asked what three words best describe her qualifications to be on the Executive Council, Cinde is forthright: “trusted . . . tested . . . leader.” As a health care provider, lawyer, civil rights advocate, committed activist and champion of controversial issues, she believes she is ideally suited to find solutions to the high-stakes, complex issues that face New Hampshire and its citizens, particularly in the COVID era.

According to Cinde, health and human services contracts will be the most critical, costly issues we face in the near future. Many of these will be legislated on both the local and national levels. Among these are broader access to better care; reproductive rights; mental health issues; civil rights; and the environment and climate change. She believes her values and beliefs dovetail with those of most Granite Staters and is certain her proven track record in taking on – and winning against – formidable adversaries, will benefit citizens, particularly the most vulnerable.

Cinde Warmington is asking the voters of District 2 to support her as their Executive Councilor. She says, “as Americans, we hold the most important instrument for change in our hands: the right to vote.” Cinde believes the 2020 Election will be the most critical election in our lifetimes, and adds, “when Dems vote, Dems win.”

Claire joined Dover Democrats after retiring to Dover in 2017 and serves on its Executive Committee and Communications  Team. She lives in Ward 1 with her two aging dachshunds. 


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