Where they stand . . . Casey Conley, Strafford County, District 13

by Casey Conley

I am running for re-election to continue working toward solutions for working families across Dover and New Hampshire. I have served for two terms in the N.H. House, and for each have been a member of the Transportation Committee. 

 My main priorities for the 2021-22 term will be working to minimize the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on residents, businesses and schools. Our state has weathered the pandemic fairly well, but the recovery has been uneven and we are approaching the winter season, which is a struggle for many families, even in the best of times.  

I have filed three bills ahead of the 2021 term, all of which I filed in 2020 as well. All three passed the House but did not advance through the State Senate during the COVID-shortened session. Two bills are focused on affordable housing. The first would require advance notice for significant residential rent increases. The other would create new incentives for developments with affordable housing units. My third bill would request that the governor issue a proclamation each year recognizing the first ever all-women labor strike, which happened in Dover in 1828.

My legislative efforts in the past included criminal justice reform, cannabis legalization, gun safety and the elimination of New Hampshire’s outdated motor vehicle inspection system. My bill to study ways to expand access to childcare while increasing affordability for families passed in 2019. The Child Care Study Committee is still working toward addressing what is a very difficult issue with no easy solutions.  

Casey, his wife Lauren and their two sons.

I am a proud Democrat, but also a pragmatic one. Very little gets done in government without some measure of bipartisan support. I have fostered relationships with members of both parties to work toward real solutions. Several of my bills had Republican co-sponsors, and nearly all passed with at least some Republican votes. 

I am proud of my work to advance disability rights in Concord. I spent the last two years as the Democratic appointee to the N.H. Commission on Deafness and Hearing Loss, which advocates for legislation and enhanced services for our state’s deaf community. I also was part of the bipartisan Disability Caucus. 

I am a former Foster’s Daily Democrat reporter, and I now work as associate editor for a maritime magazine based in Portland, Maine. I recently joined Dover’s zoning board. I live near downtown Dover with my wife Lauren and two young sons and enjoy travel, hiking, running and gardening in my limited spare time.


Casey chose to share where he stands on the issues through this post, which he wrote exclusively for the Dover Dems Blog.


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