Where they stand . . . Ariel Oxaal, Dover Ward 3, Strafford District 15

by Debbie Bodell

Ariel Oxaal is the Democratic Candidate for State Representative for Dover Ward 3, Strafford District 15.  Raised in New Hampshire from the age of 5, Ariel attended UNH Durham majoring in Communications. She now works in Marketing and Hospitality.

Empathy is one of the words to describe Ariel.  She knows the issues facing working people in the state.   The areas she wants to focus on when she reaches the State House include Better Rights for Working People; State Mandated Paid Sick Time; continuing to address the Opioid Crisis; and helping to keep New Hampshire a place that is fair for workers.

Another word to describe Ariel is curiosity.   Ariel quotes Confucius, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”  She wants to always be learning.  With so many governmental decisions requiring multiple areas of expertise, this attribute is critical for all our elected officials. 

Other priorities for Ariel in the State House include: readmitting the Net Metering legislation; continuing to address PFAS in our environment; helping local school boards address challenges related to the pandemic; creating a Minimum Wage for the state;  ending Child Marriage; and better and more consistent communication to engage constituents.  According to Ariel, these priorities target what it takes to make New Hampshire a place where young families want to live.  Ariel would like to serve on the Health and Human Services committee when she gets to Concord. Her desire to serve on this committee reflects her commitment to the well-being of New Hampshire’s citizenry.

Ariel likes to hike and cook, and has started gardening this year.  Her favorite ice cream flavors are Moose Trax; and anything with chocolate, coffee, and Kahlua.


Debbie is a Dover Democrat and activist.  Her favorite ice cream is Cowlicks' Chocolate Lover.


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