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Thank You Dover Voters

Celebrating our efforts and our results!

A lot of effort went into the 2022 midterm election, and the results show what is accomplished when Democrats are fully engaged. Voter turnout was at record highs across Dover, the state, and the nation. To each and every Democratic volunteer, canvasser, yard sign host, donor, poll worker and voter, THANK YOU! Dover continues to demonstrate the difference we can make when we focus, coordinate and work together for a common cause.

Robbie Hinkel, Dover Dems Treasurer and Jeff Warach sort canvassing packets in Dover Dems' election office.

Thanks to our donors, we were able to achieve our campaign year goals:

  • Opening a Democratic Campaign Headquarters in downtown Dover.

  • Financially supporting our candidates for State Representative.

  • Enhancing our campaign communication efforts with multiple rounds of unique mailers highlighting our candidates.

Thanks to our donors and volunteers, we were also able to achieve incredible election results:

  • Democratic candidates for State Representative swept EVERY SINGLE DISTRICT representing Dover. We kept our delegation blue, despite new gerrymandered maps. We even won our new mega-districts shared with Lee, Madbury, and Durham.

Dover Dems Apple Harvest Day booth builders: Lynn Kindel, Phil Hatcher, Jeff Warach, Robbie Hinkel, Candace Williams and Jim Verschueren.
  • Democrats in Dover, Barrington, Somersworth, and Rollinsford ensured the re-election of State Senator David Watters.

  • Democrats across Strafford County resoundingly re-elected all of our Democratic candidates for County level offices, including commissioners, treasurer, register of deeds, register of probate, attorney, and sheriff.

  • Contrary to some early polling numbers, our Federal delegation won re-election with STRONGER numbers than in their previous elections, ensuring their work on behalf of Granite Staters and the country will continue!

While we did not win the Governorship or win back any seats on the Executive Council, Democrats held our numbers in the State Senate, and increased our numbers in the State House substantially. Again, we did all this while overcoming significantly gerrymandered legislative maps. Vote counts demonstrate just how bad the effects of gerrymandering are in New Hampshire. Although Democrats received a majority of votes, they hold a much lower number of the seats of government.

Nathaniel Beach, NH Senator David Watters and Nancy Vawter, Dover Dems Co-chair at one of Dover Dems' "every Friday before the election" visibilities on Dover's Lower Square.

  • 2022 Executive Council results: 50.12% Democratic vs. 49.88% Republican

    • Only one of five Executive Councilors will be Democrat

  • 2022 State Senate results: 52.10% Democratic vs. 47.9% Republican

    • Only10 of 24 State Senators will be Democrats.

  • 2022 State House results: 50-79% Democratic vs. 49.21 Republican

    • Only 199 of 400 State Representatives will be Democrats.

    • Democrats did remarkably well in the State House despite the gerrymandered maps, with many races decided by fewer than 10 votes, indicating that turnout will be critical in future elections.

NH Senator David Watters, US Senator Maggie Hassan and Strafford County Sheriff Mark Brave.

  • Control of the New Hampshire House of Representatives rests on the outcome of several ongoing recounts in close races across the state.

  • So far Democrats have flipped two additional seats through recounts with the House currently at 200R to 199D.

  • A recount in Rochester Ward 4 has resulted in a tied race and will go to a special election! Keep an eye out for future announcements about how you can help us mobilize to win that seat.

  • An evenly tied House would mean that the party with the highest attendance is in control. Let's work to win that special election.

Lady Liberty (NH Representative-elect Jessica Lamontagne); Mayor Dana Hilliard, Somersworth; Uncle Sam (Jim Verschueren, Dover Dems Chair, Ex Officio)

And so we look forward to 2024 and beyond, encouraged that our hard work and commitment can make all the difference. We will stay engaged, guided by our values, while expanding our networks. We know that our vision of a better world is widely shared, and still in reach. We thank you again for contributing your time, money, and effort to bringing our vision to life this election cycle, and helping us achieve our goals.

We couldn’t have done it without you!


Dover Democrats Executive Committee

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