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Thank a Democrat

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

by J. Michael Atherton.

Mike Atherton describes the role of Democrats in giving us weekends.

Photo by kabita Darlami on Unsplash.

Do you like weekends? Today they’re just a part of normal life, but at one time two days free from work did not exist and workers just worked, constantly. Things changed thanks to Democrat-backed Unions that aggressively organized to carve out weekends free of work for workers. We have since learned that having weekends free saves workers lives, lets workers join their families, and shows them the respect they deserve.

Photo by Master Sgt. Sean Cowher. Reconnaissance wing members restore vets' home.

Corporations cried buckets trying to convince the public to keep weekends for production, not frivolities. PR firms whimpered that companies could not possibly continue their magnanimous gesture of providing jobs if workers took off every weekend of the year. They predicted weekends off would bring economic collapse. As with so many things that help workers, the dire straits forecasted by business leaders and Republicans never occurred.

Photo by Iva Rajović on Unsplash


In fact, workers produced more when they returned to work renewed from a weekend at home, out fishing, or repairing the family house.

So thank a Democrat and their friends the unions when the weekend comes around and you see families on picnics, people hanging over a bridge fishing, or somebody banging on a house trying to improve where the family lives.


About the author

John Michael Atherton (Mike) has retired from 30 years of teaching philosophy (after 20 years of teaching a variety of subjects from elementary to graduate school). Fours years in the Peace Corps in Swaziland (now Eswatini), followed by marriage, first child, and PhD all at the University of Chicago. Moved to Southwest Pennsylvania where his wife taught ecology and he taught philosophy while they raised two daughters. Moved to Dover in 2019 to be near their two grandsons in Maine. He has consistently found the Dems to be a group that publicly and privately follows their stated values: compassion, honesty, integrity, respect the dignity of all people, expanded freedom, responsible citizenship, promoting civil society, and protecting our environment. Just add that they are great fun to be around and you have a winning combination.

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