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Just This One Chance: A Personal Note About New Hampshire's Future

by Jim Verschueren

When I wake up at night fearing for the future - in particular, the kind of America my grandchildren will experience - what scares me most is the way our elections are being compromised. So many of us are - or are at risk of - losing trust in our democratic system.

For me, gerrymandering is right up there with money in politics as the top two causes of the decline in public confidence. Here in New Hampshire, we experienced it at its most virulent form in 2010. A super majority of Republicans ran the redistricting, behind closed doors, aided and abetted by sophisticated mapping provided by the national party, and without any meaningful public input.

Some Republican leaders in the state are saying that they will do even "better" this time. Many of us will be there Wednesday evening to do what we can to influence a more balanced and, with hope, a more honorable group of committee members.

Just This One Chance Once Every 10 Years.

To support a transparent, fair Redistricting process:

Follow the Special Committee/Send Testimony:

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