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Help Take Back the Executive Council! Sign up to send postcards

The NHDP Executive Council Campaign Committee, with help from the Kent Street Coalition and the Local Leadership Network, is launching a postcard campaign with the goal of retaking the Executive Council. We need to hold Cinde Warmington's seat and flip at least two other seats. Despite the horrible gerrymandering, we can do this!

The postcard campaign is designed to: (1) inform NH voters what the Executive Council is and why it is important; and (2) promote our five superlative Democratic candidates. The campaign will be done in two phases, with the first phase sending 10,000 postcards to

support Cinde Warmington.

The target audience is Democrats and Undeclared that skipped casting any vote at all for the Executive Council in 2020. This call for action pertains to Phase 1:

· If all goes as planned, cards should be available August 16th, in the hope that they can be mailed before September 1.

· You will be provided with cards, stamps and addresses.

· You are being asked to write the addresses, affix the stamp, and write a short message.

· Cards will be in groups of 30.

Please complete THIS ACTION NETWORK FORM by Saturday August 13 to indicate how many postcards you would like.

Please note that you do not need to login to Action Network. Simply complete the form and then click on the Add Your Name button. Action Network is the progressive organization that the Dover Dems use to send emails, generate forms, etc.

We will issue a call for action for Phase 2 at a later time.

Contact Phil Hatcher if you have any questions:

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