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Dover Dems at Work: “End 68 Hours of Hunger” in Pictures

Updated: Jun 8

Ward 6 Dover Dems closed out our 2023/24 commitment to “End 68 Hours of Hunger” on May 18. Throughout the school year, we collected, sorted and packed food donations for food-insecure children at the program’s headquarters at St. John’s Church. Teams from each of Dover’s Wards took turns staffing the center on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Kathleen Letellier, our talented volunteer photographer, documented the year in pictures. Following is a collection of her photos, by month.


Pam Raley and Carlo Nittoli


Both Pam and Carlo are long-serving members of Dover Dems. Pam was on the Executive Committee and helped lead efforts to make food insecurity a Dover Dems priority. Along with his husband Jim Verschueren, Carlo supports many community causes and organizations.


Michelle, Jocelyn and Tom Clancy

Mike Atherton


When it was Ward 6's turn to staff the End 68 headquarters in November, the whole Clancy family pitched in. According to Michelle, volunteering for the project is one of daughter Jocelyn's favorite things to do. Tom chairs the Ward 6 team; Michelle serves on the Dover School Board. Mike Atherton, who writes commentaries and "Thank a Democrat" posts for the blog, serves on the Ward 2 leadership team.


Jim Verschueren and Carter Judkin


If it's a Dover Dems project or event, Jim is there. Carter serves on the Executive Committee and the Programs and Events Committee.


Cynthia Walter and Rob Gordon
Susan Spence


Susan and husband Richard are among our most active members and contribute time and effort to several local organizations. They received Dover Dems' "Freedom From Hunger Award" at the 2023 Holiday Party. As the husband of photographer Kathleen Letellier, Rob attends and helps out at many Dover Dems events. Cynthia chairs the Ward 2 team and continues to help lead Dover Dems' environmental action initiatives.


Jean Schwab and PJ Whitney
Melanie and Chuck Rhoades


It was Ward 4's turn to staff the End 68 project in March. Even freezing winds couldn't keep Jean Schwab away: she volunteers for Dover Dems activities throughout the year. PJ Whitney is on the Executive Committee and received a "star" at the Holiday Party for her contributions to and leadership on several projects. Chuck and Melanie also received a star award at the event, for giving generously of their time to many Dover Dems projects, always with enthusiasm and a smile.


Jessica LaMontagne


Jessica represents Ward 5 in the New Hampshire House. She is a past member of the Executive Committee and continues to participate in Dover Dems initiatives. As chair of the Eleanor & Franklin Celebration in 2018, she led efforts to update the fundraiser, turning it into a lively, exciting event with entertainment and a dance party.



The last month to collect, pack and store food items for End 68 Hours of Hunger was May. Jim and Carlo, Michelle, Tom and Jocelyn helped process donations for final distribution through schools this year. We'll be back in the fall!

For more on End 68 Hours of Hunger

Pam Raley, who volunteered on most Saturdays, wrote two excellent posts on the program: The Story of “End 68 Hours of Hunger” and Dover’s Kids Will Thank You:

About the photographer

Kathleen Letellier has been documenting Dover Dems activities for several years. She is usually on the other side of the lens but was caught on camera by another guest while enjoying the 2023 Holiday Party with husband Rob Gordon.

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