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Deb Hackett: Candidate for City Council, Ward 4

I am pleased to announce my candidacy as a City Councilor for Ward 4. With retirement in mind, I chose to move back to Dover three years ago. I had previously lived in Dover in both the early and late 80’s. Many of you may recognize my name given that I served the Dover community as a veteran teacher for thirty-seven years at Dover Junior High, Garrison Elementary, and Dover Middle School.

My campaign theme is integrating Dover’s past, present, and future. Dover’s identity is a combination of these three timeframes. Understanding how each part influences the next is a way to preserve our past, prepare for our present, and plan for our future.

Dover will be celebrating its 400th anniversary in 2023, cementing its historical significance as the seventh oldest continuous settlement in the United States. We have our own unique culture that needs to be preserved while still exploring 21st century opportunities.

Our elected leaders need to distinguish between the wants and needs of our community. Education is the center of our thriving community. Equally important, we need to look after ourselves by providing competent professional safety departments including police, fire, and public works. Housing options must be explored and promoted for all income levels by working with landlords and developers alike. Homelessness, food insecurity, and mental health resources need to be addressed for our most vulnerable populations.

One of our biggest challenges is finding ways to increase city revenue to help alleviate the property tax burden. It would be impossible not to notice the changes that have occurred in the development of new retail and residential units. The planning of the waterfront needs to be carefully examined as to what benefit it brings to the city of Dover as well as its impact for the future of our city. We need to avoid the ecological mistakes of our forefathers in maintaining a sustainable environment. We need to preserve our green spots to provide recreation opportunities and ensure climate stability. Progress does not always mean tearing down the old to build the new.

I’ve always been a step-up kind of person. I believe I have acquired the skill set necessary to allow me to be a positive, independent candidate. I feel confident in my ability to apply these skills which include stretching limited resources, creative thinking, problem solving, excellent communication skills, and on-the-spot decision-making. I have extensive fiduciary experience including elected treasurer offices, volunteer sports treasury duties, and a nomination and subsequent appointment by former Governor Lynch as a trustee to the NH Retirement System.

As a senior citizen on a fixed income, I understand the impact of taxes both on me as well as on the greater Dover community. I recognize the difference between wanting and needing. While education will always be a passion for me, there are many more issues that warrant my careful consideration as we preserve the past, prepare for the present, and plan for our future.

Please remember, Vote for Deb, She Can Hackett!

Face Book: Debcanhackettward4

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