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Cora Quisumbing-King named to board of the Racial Unity Team

Cora Quisumbing-King, a member of Dover Democrats’ executive board, was named to the board of directors of the Racial Unity Team on December 16, 2021. The New Hampshire organization is committed to “advancing relationships among people of different racial identities, increasing understanding, and reducing racial bias in our communities”. Its vision Is to “lay a foundation for developing racial understanding by establishing a transformational goal of developing communities that promote racial diversity and understanding”.

Cora offered this statement at the meeting:

I am proud to be a member of the Racial Unity Team and of its Asian American and Pacific Islander Advisory Group. It is my honor to be nominated as board member of this organization. When I think of the RUT, what comes to mind is unity and diversity.

Easier said than done.

And yet, as a Filipino immigrant in this country and as an AAPI member, it is important that I advocate for increased appreciation and understanding of and among the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. It is important that inclusivity with other groups here in New Hampshire be part of that advocacy.

This is the beauty of the Racial Unity Team – as captured in its vision and mission.

OUR vision and mission!

Our individual and group identities are important. So is our shared humanity.

As we seek to affirm our own individual selves within the many different groups of which we are a part, may we do so in solidarity, in collaboration to achieve better appreciation and understanding.

May we find THAT which unites us, not divides us. May we continue to educate and advocate.

May our values guide us.

I will strive to be deserving of the space granted to me by this organization.

Kathleen Blake, a Dover resident of Native American Heritage, and Dr. Lowell (Chris) Mathews, Manchester, an associate professor of Global Business and Leadership at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, were also named to the board.

More on the Racial Unity Team, its leadership and activities can be found on its website:


About the author:

Born in Cebu City, Philippines, Cora attended St. Theresa’s College, then the Ateneo de Manila before embarking for the United States where she completed a Ph.D. in Social & Organizational Psychology under a Fulbright Hays grant. She met her husband Walter King at the University of Chicago and before retiring, served as a manager, consultant and facilitator in the field of organization & leadership development at Liberty Mutual, the Amoco Management Learning Center, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Banco Popular.Cora has resided in the United States for more years than she has lived in the Philippines – which continues to beckon her – and to where she regularly returns with Walter and daughter Katrina. Cora is a member of Dover Democrats Executive Committee, its Candidate Recruitment & Campaign Committee and the convener of the DD Social Justice Action Group. She serves as co-chair of the Asian American Pacific Island Caucus, New Hampshire Democratic Party, and was named one of 250 national leaders from the AAPI community who endorsed President Joe Biden for President. She is also a member of the Dover ad hoc Committee for Racial Equity and Inclusion, the McConnell Center Advisory Board and a tutor at the Dover Adult Learning Center. A founding member of the Racial Unity Team’s AAPI Advisory Board, she was recently elected as Board member of the NH Racial Unity Team.

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