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How to Register to Vote in New Hampshire

From the NH Secretary of State Website

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Need to find your Dover ward or polling location - Click Here

IMPORTANT - If you live in Ward 1, 2, or 3 your polling place has changed!


Ward 1 is now Horne Street School, 78 Horne Street

Ward 2 is now Woodman Park School, 11 Towle Avenue

Ward 3 is now St. Ann's Rehabilitation Center, 195 Dover Point Road



Please Vote on Election Day Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019



Mayor – Robert Carrier  

Mayor – Karen Weston



At-Large – Kathleen Morrison

At-Large – Marsha Pelletier

Ward 1 – Keith Holt

Ward 2 – Rachel Burdin

Ward 3 – Carolyn Mebert

Ward 4 – Zachary Koehler

Ward 5 – Jessica Rozzo

Ward 6 – Amanda Russell


At-Large – John O’Connor

At-Large – Lindsey Williams

At-Large – Mark Brave

Ward 1 – Michelle Muffett-Lipinski    

Ward 2 – Dennis Ciotti

Ward 2 – Timothy Casey       

Ward 3 – Deborah Thibodeaux         

Ward 4 – Joshua Manley                   

Ward 5 – Dennis Shanahan

Ward 6 – Fergus Cullen

Ward 6 – Thomas Clancy            


 Poll Locations


Polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the day of the election, Tuesday, Nov. 5. Please note some Poll Locations have changed.


            Ward 1: NEW Horne Street School, 78 Horne Street

            Ward 2: NEW Woodman Park School, 11 Towle Avenue

            Ward 3: NEW St. Ann’s Rehabilitation Center, 195 Dover Point Road

            Ward 4: Elks Lodge, 282 Durham Road

            Ward 5: St John's Methodist Church, 28 Cataract Avenue

            Ward 6: Riverside Rest Home, 276 County Farm Road


Voting Information


Information on voting in Dover can be found on the city’s official website,