HB20 & HB607

Two House Bills that will decimate public education in New Hampshire

Here’s how to oppose them.


From Terie Norelli, former speaker of the NH House of Representatives:


Dear Friends:


I’d sad to say that now two voucher bills are having hearings this week. Frankly, it feels like the Radical Republicans really want to demolish our public schools. Please make your opinion known:


Tues. 2/9 1:30 PM House Education Committee:  HB 607-FN, establishing local education savings accounts for students - i.e. money comes both from the state and from your local school budget. OPPOSE


Thurs. 2/11  9:00 a.m. House Education Committee HB 20-FN-A-L, establishing the Richard “Dick” Hinch education freedom account program  (This is a continuation of the hearing held last Tuesday)  OPPOSE


We had a great turnout last week on HB 20, and it’s important to do the same for HB 607.  Please, in addition to registering your opposition to HB 607, either sign up to testify here or send an email to members of the House Education Comm. at this address.  For talking points go here.  


And if you haven’t yet signed up against HB 20 or testified or sent an email about it, please do that as well! 


How are the bills different?


Both HB 607 and HB 20 would give school vouchers to any student who wants one (rich or poor, struggling in public school or thriving) to use for private secular or religious schools or for home schooling.  The differences between the bills are in the amounts of the vouchers and the source of the funding:  HB 607 vouchers would be larger, including state contributions (ave. $4,600 per student per year) and funds taken directly from school district budgets (85% of the students’ pro rata share of the non-special-ed portion of the school budget - I’ll try to get some examples out soon.)  HB 20 vouchers just include the state contribution (ave. $4,600).


One other difference:  The local vouchers under HB 607 would only be available in districts that have adopted a voucher plan by a 3/5 majority vote. [Watch for Americans for Prosperity to start sending around its misinformation.]   HB 20 would apply to all districts regardless of public opinion.


Let either of us know if you have any questions or need more information.


Thank you!


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