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Tuesday, September 10 - 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

National & Local Candidates Join Us for Our September Program

We host Presidential candidate Admiral Joe Sestak along with Dover Mayoral candidates

Karen Weston and Robert Carrier


Bradley Commons Bldg, 577 Central Ave. - Enter on the right of the front of the building
Please park on the street - 6th or Central

FIRST UP: Joe Sestak for President
Retired Admiral & Former Pennsylvania Congressman

THEN: Our Dover Mayoral Candidates
Mayor Karen Weston and Deputy Mayor Robert Carrier

These two strong candidates, both well-known, experienced and respected leaders in our community, will speak of their vision for Dover, what they see the future holding for us - the promises and the pitfalls. Our chance for an early preview of an important municipal election.

Representative Sestak is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy (second in his class) with a PhD in both economics and national security from Harvard University. Admiral Joe Sestak served for over 31 years in the U.S. Navy around the world, including commanding an aircraft carrier battle group of 30 ships and 15,000 sailors, SEALs and Marines in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. He worked for President Clinton as Director for Defense Policy on the National Security Council in the White House; headed the Navy’s strategic anti-terrorism unit (Deep Blue) after 9/11; and was the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Warfare Requirements. 

Admiral Sestak is running for President to restore accountable leadership to the American people — above party, above self, above any special interest; to repair U.S. global leadership abroad to protect our American Dream at home; and to finally begin advancing domestic policies for those who have seen only the growth of inequity, not of the economy, by a President who is trusted by Americans -- all Americans -- because he is accountable to them, alone.

Visiting NH on a tight schedule around the NH Democratic Party State Convention, Admiral Sestak will speak briefly and respond to questions for the initial part of our meeting.