What to Expect When Voting in Person in 2020

A Dover poll worker's guide

Enter the polling site with a mask on; if you don’t have one, a mask will be provided.  Hand sanitizer will also be offered.

If you prefer not to wear a mask, you will be offered a choice of voting in your car (filling out an absentee ballot) which the moderator will take back inside to be counted, or you will be shown to a voting table away from others.

At the ballot clerk table, you’ll show your ID to the masked clerk either holding it against the plexiglas shield or slipping it through an opening to the clerk.

You will receive the appropriate ballot, a one-time use pen, and a “placemat” to use in the polling booth to serve as protection.  This will be recycled near the ballot box.

The ballot can be slipped into the ballot box right side up or upside down.  Don’t forget your “I voted” sticker!

If you intend to return to “independent” status, you will receive a form from the clerk which will be dropped in a box on your way out of the polling site.

Thank you for voting!


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