Organize New Hampshire

What Can I Do?

Dover Dems are asking this question. This year's statewide "Coordinated Campaign," OrganizeNH is up and running, providing a plethora of options.  Updated opportunities come out every Thursday. Here's the latest, featuring what we each can do, starting today!

Testimonial: Richard Spence
Dover Dem Activist

Motivation?  I am determined to do my part to return sanity to our political process and remove our present incompetent President Tweety from the White House. I come at this from environmental concerns and a concern that our democratic process is being systematically undermined by the Trump administration and its minions. I worked for Morgan Stanley as a financial planner for over 30 years and had no desire to pick up the phone again. But I surprised myself how motivated I became after witnessing the disaster of the last four years. To the shy and retiring (actually me), it is amazing what you will try and do when you get mad enough.  Most calls (I have called during other elections) are affirmative in nature.  Some are not. Let's do this together. While the hours are flexible, it would be super if one night a week the DD's team took to the phones as a unit for the benefit of NH and our country.  

Many Ways to Make a Difference

Weekly Phone Banks: Join your organizer and make a difference! Every voter counts… Sign up to make calls! Yet this week:


Seacoast with Morgan: Thursday


Learn how to use our ThruTalk Dialer by signing up for a weekly training on either Wednesday or Saturday


Learn how to use our new digital organizing tool and start contacting your family and friends about why and how to vote for Democrats in 2020. Join us for a weekly Digital Door Knocking training on either Tuesday or Thursday

Data Update  

We are starting to collect voter level data on absentee requests around the state! This information will be critical for following up with voters who will be voting absentee this year.


Are you interested in helping us in our effort to collect absentee requests and return data in your community? If so Please sign up here to become a Data Captain.


Data Captains will work with our Absentee Ballot Data Coordinator, Jessica Taylor, to collect absentee ballot data and submit reports on a regular schedule to help boost our turnout efforts in the Fall. For questions about the Data Captain Program, please reach out to Jessica at


Voter Protection Update


Are you registered to vote? Do you have a plan to vote absentee? Find the latest information on absentee voting and voter registration at If you need help or have questions, call our Voter Assistance Hotline, staffed with a live trained volunteer between 9 AM and 6 PM every weekday, at 603-GO-N-VOTE (466-8683). The Voter Protection team continues to work hard to ensure that all eligible voters in New Hampshire can register, vote and have access to the most up-to-date information. 


We are growing our team of committed attorneys volunteers who can help with our voter protection hotline, as legal poll observers, and community liaisons. If you are an attorney who is interested in joining our team, sign up here. 

Lots To Do - We Are All Needed

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