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2023 Elections

Your vote matters

We congratulate and thank all of the candidates who prepared their campaigns, canvassed and were willing to volunteer for civic service. We are thrilled that the citizens of Dover have elected a slate of candidates and election officials who will continue to move Dover forward and work for:

  • Affordable housing

  • A safe & clean downtown

  • Addressing climate change

  • A fiscally responsible budget

  • Quality public schools

  • Safeguarding free & fair elections

  • Maintaining safe and respectful public meeting spaces

Mayor Bob Carrier
At-Large City Council Lindsey Williams and Linnea Nemeth
At-Large School Board Robin Trefethen

Ward 1

  • City Council elect April Richer

  • School Board Maggie Fogarty

  • Selectman: Amy Hunt & Dan Richer

  • Ward Clerk: Kathleen Morrison

  • Supervisor of the Checklist: Ellen Leighton

Ward 2

  • City Council Robbie Warach

  • School Board elect Liz Goldman

  • Moderator: Bryant Hardwick

  • Selectman: Jill Brooks

  • Supervisor of the Checklist: Jeff Warach

Ward 3

  • City Council elect Tony Retrosi

  • School Board Carolyn Mebert

  • Moderator: Gary Gilmore

  • Selectman: Nancy Vawter, Mark Fisher, Paul Timmerman

  • Ward Clerk: Philip Hatcher

  • Supervisor of the Checklist: Richard Spence

Ward 4

  • City Council Deb Hackett

  • School Board Micaela Demeter

  • Moderator: Kate Hill

  • Selectman: Thomas Southworth, Trapper White, Colin Frost

  • Ward Clerk: Stephanie Wares

  • Supervisor of the Checklist: Pamela Giguere

Ward 5

  • City Council Dennis Shanahan

  • School Board elect Craig Flynn

  • Moderator: Seth Miller

  • Selectman: Robert Leopold

  • Supervisor of the Checklist: Linnea Hartsuyker

Ward 6

  • School Board Michelle Clancy

  • Moderator: Betsey Andrews Parker

  • Selectman: Bill Van Etten, Jessica Bolker, Kathleen Willette

  • Supervisor of the Checklist: Kirt Schuman

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