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Issue: NH Republicans Advocate for "Limited Government"

Does this make our lives better?

03-18-2023 Bank Regulation.png
03-18-2023 Bank Regulation.png

Mike Atherton takes a deep dive into how "limited" government" as advocated by the NH Republican Party plays out in our lives. How does this all relate to current bank failures? What has our governor proposed in his budget? Suffice to say, it's not good. Read Mike's analysis HERE.

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Time is short if you want to comment on the Dover 2024 budget.


There will be a public hearing on the City portion of the budget (i.e. not the School portion) on Wednesday March 22 at 7pm in the City Hall’s Council Chambers. Come to the hearing or contact your councilors to make your opinions known. The final adoption of the city budget by the council is expected in early April.


Click here for information about the proposed budget and the budget process.


Click here for contact information for the city councilors.


The Voting Rights Action Group asks you to contact your councilors and ask them to support the city manager's request to begin purchasing electronic poll books, which would greatly speed up voter check-in on election days, as well as improve the collection of statistics at the end of the night. (For information about the Voting Rights Action Group, please contact Phil Hatcher,

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