Assault on Our Nation's Capitol

The executive committee members of the Dover Democrats were shocked and saddened at the disruption yesterday in Washington of our nation’s long tradition of a peaceful transition of power. Yesterday’s events are the direct result of President Trump inciting action at a morning rally after lying repeatedly to his supporters, reinforced by the unabashed public support of many in Congress. The power of words has consequences. Our leaders at all levels of government must see the events of yesterday as proof of such consequences.


If we are to heal as a nation, unite for the common good, and address the needs and concerns of everyone, we should remember the values that bind all of us – the dignity of all people, freedom, compassion, fairness, and integrity. We must be guided by the words of John Adams that we are a nation of laws, not men. Our laws must be rooted in a firm commitment to the truth.


We applaud our representatives in Congress for not being intimidated and for completing the task of counting the electoral votes. Their resilience shows that our nation is strong. We thank all those who first defended the Capitol Building, and later worked hard to reestablish a secure and safe environment to allow Congress to complete its work. We mourn the loss of life in the chaos and regret the many injuries that ensued. We need to take comfort in the belief that by committing ourselves to the values that bind us together as a nation, there will be brighter days ahead.  

President Elect Joe Biden Speaks to the Assault on the U.S. Capital

Watch Biden's speech HERE

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