Biography of Senator David Watters

Sen. David Watters came to politics from academia. Educated at Dartmouth College and Brown University where he received his doctorate, David recently retired from the English Department at the University of New Hampshire after being a distinguished faculty member for over 39 years. His research and interests emphasized literature, the arts, New Hampshire’s history, historical preservation, and the culture of New England. Among other things, David examined how an economy is connected to place as he studied and researched the connection of the Seacoast region to the history of our coast and waterways. David’s preparation for public service utilized skills honed by his scholarship which he then focused on and for the public good.

Inspired by his parents and presidential candidate Barack Obama, David entered politics and served four years in the NH House. Presently, he is serving his third term in the NH Senate. During his time in office, he has initiated and sponsored legislation covering a wide range of issues. His 2017 committee assignments included the Capital Budget, Education, and Transportation. David believes it important to build the economy and grow jobs as the economy moves away from fossil fuels, dealing with climate change and the environment through practical, bipartisan solutions. On the local level, David is very active in the life of Dover as demonstrated by his participation as a board member of the Dover Adult Learning Center.

An active outdoorsman and resident of Dover, David is married to Jan Alberghene, who also is a retired English professor. Their son, Harper, is a Soloist with the Houston Ballet.