Senator Jeff Woodburn

    NHPR Photograph

NH District 1 State Senator Jeff Woodburn, currently the Minority Leader of the Senate from 2015 to the present, was born in Whitefield, NH in 1964. His varied career in politics, as a social studies teacher, freelance writer, as a real-estate broker and developer, and as town moderator of Dalton, began immediately after graduating from Franklin Pierce College in 1987, when he won a seat in the NH House of Representatives. After one term, he worked closely with US Congressman Dick Swett and later Jeff became Chairman of the NH Democratic Party (1997-1999). As one who represents the North Country, Jeff has an affinity for the culture and life of NH’s rural areas of which he has intimate knowledge.

Sen. Woodburn is widely recognized as one of the state’s most influential leaders and effective politicians, as seen from repeated elections from one of the most conservative, Republican leaning parts of the state. For example, in 2016, he carried his conservative district by nine percentage points. With close ties to his home base and a recognized streak of independence, his constituents appreciate his ability to gather support from both sides of the aisle. The North Country knows that Jeff gets things done, namely: passage of bills into law in such diverse areas as education, all-day kindergarten, substance treatment and recovery services, local control over safety planning for interstate oil pipelines, and voting rights. Sen. Woodburn however, is not afraid of confrontation, as seen in his stance on gun control legislation.

Sen. Woodburn has five children, two of whom are still in local schools and three who are adults.

The Dover Democrats feel honored that Sen. Woodburn will be part of our evening as we celebrate our very own New Hampshire Senator David Watters. As the senate minority leader, Sen. Woodburn knows well Senator Watters’ exceptional skills as a legislator and his achievements for New Hampshire citizens. He is uniquely positioned to lead our evening of honoring Dover’s outstanding senator.