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The February 9, 2015 DDC Meeting Has Been Cancelled

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Dover Democrats Host 8th Annual Roosevelt Dinner
February 18, 2015

Dover - Need an antidote to the frigid weather and heavy snows of February?

The Dover Democratic Committee’s 8th annual Franklin and Eleanor Dinner on Saturday, March 7, 2015, will offer gourmet comfort food,
interesting presentations, and an opportunity to share an evening with elected officials and neighbors.

The event, named in honor of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, will be held at Ervin Hall, St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, 5 Hale Street,
Dover, NH (across from Dover Public Library) and begins at 6:00 PM. Parking is available at the church for seniors and those that need
close access. Other parking is available across the street at the library lot. The function hall is wheelchair accessible. The casual, multi-course
dinner will offer a unique array of slow cooked entrees and a tempting assortment of desserts. Garden salad and beverages, including
wine for adults, will also be Featured speakers for the event include Carol Shea-Porter and award winning author, Michelle Albion.
Shea-Porter, the first woman to be elected to the U.S. Congress in the history of New Hampshire, served in the U.S. House of
Representatives from 2007 to 2011 and from 2013 to 2015. She represented New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District and served
on a number of committees including Armed Services, National Resources, and Education and Labor. The 1st Congressional District is
reputed to be “one of the most high-profile swing districts in the country” and has been identified by political pundits as one of the top
10 races to watch in the Michelle Albion, a Dover resident, will discuss her recent book, “The Quotable Eleanor Roosevelt.” The fascinating
quotes in this collection reveal Roosevelt’s courageous opinions on political, social, and racial issues of her day. Albion’s work truly brings
historical figures alive and, as the author notes, Roosevelt’s words give “evidence to her character and her beliefs. Her words continue to
resonate today.”

The Franklin and Eleanor Dinner is open to the public. The event will give attendees the opportunity not only to visit with former Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, but also to meet current elected Democratic legislators who will be attending the event, and learn more about the activities
of the Dover Democratic Committee.

“Please join me for the 8th annual Roosevelt dinner,” said Wendy Alley, chair of the Dover Democratic Committee. “In addition to an abundance
of homemade delicious food and fantastic speakers, there will be plenty of time for conversation with fellow Democrats and others
interested in our local political process.”  Individual tickets are $22; children are $8; students $10. Sponsorships are available for $100.
Reserving tickets in advance is advised.

All profits will go to support local Democratic candidates. Tickets are available via the Dover Democrats’ website at or at For more information,
contact Mary Jo Dudley at or Caroline French at

House Democratic Leader Stephen Shurtleff Announces Leadership Team

December 15, 2014

editor: Congrats to Bill Baber who has been named Ranking Member Science, Technology and Energy ! 

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – House Democratic Leader Stephen Shurtleff (D-Penacook) has announced his Democratic Leadership team
for the 2015 – 2016 Session.

“As the Democratic Leader, I have talented and skilled members of the Democratic Caucus to draw upon to serve on our leadership team.
We have experienced members who have served in the past as Chairs and Vice Chairs and know the process as well as the policy issues
that will come before the legislature during this session,” stated Shurtleff.  “Our leadership team is comprised of Representatives from
across New Hampshire and brings together individuals with a variety of backgrounds.”

House Democratic Leadership Team
Stephen Shurtleff (Penacook) - Democratic Leader
Cindy Rosenwald (Nashua) - Deputy Democratic Leader
Jeffrey Goley (Manchester) - Senior Assistant Democratic Leader
Susan Ford (Easton) – Democratic Floor Leader
Andrew White (Lebanon)–Deputy Floor Leader
David Cote (Nashua) – Democratic Policy Leader
Naida Kaen (Lee) – Democratic Policy Leader
Sharon Nordgren (Hanover) – Democratic Policy Leader

Assistant Democratic Leaders
Lucy Weber (Walpole), Assistant Democratic Leader / Democratic Parliamentarian
Robert Backus (Manchester)
David Borden (New Castle)
Patricia Lovejoy (Stratham)
Thomas Sherman (Rye)

Assistant Democratic Floor Leaders
Caroletta Alicea (Boscawen)
Daniel Eaton (Stoddard)
Suzanne Gottling (Sunapee)
Mary Heath (Manchester)
Wayne Moynihan (Dummer)
Marjorie Porter (Hillsborough)
Dianne Schuett (Pembroke)

Ranking Democrats
Children & Family Law - Patrick Long
Commerce & Consumer Affairs - Edward Butler
Criminal Justice & Public Safety - Laura Pantelakos
Education - Mary Gile
Election Law - David Cote
Environment & Agriculture - Tara Sad
Executive Departments & Administration – Raymond Gagnon
Finance - Mary Jane Wallner
Fish & Game & Marine Resources – Jonathan Manley
Health, Human Services & Elderly Affairs - James MacKay
Judiciary – Janet Wall
Labor, Industrial & Rehabilitation Services - Douglas Ley
Legislative Administration – Lucy Weber
Municipal & County Government – Bruce Tatro
Public Works & Highways - John Cloutier
Resources, Recreation & Development - Suzanne Smith
Rules – Stephen Shurtleff
Science, Technology and Energy – William Baber
State-Federal Relations & Veterans Affairs – Robert Theberge
Transportation – George Sykes
Ways & Means - Susan Almy

Eileen Kelly
Senior Legislative Policy Assistant
New Hampshire House of Representatives
State House, Room 313
Concord, New Hampshire 03301

603 271 2136

Letters to the Editor - Faith bolstered

December 10, 2014

To the editor: Dec. 3, Organization Day, was a long day for those of us in the New Hampshire House. The first order of business was to
elect a Speaker of the House. By a vote of 116-112 in their caucus the week before, Republicans had nominated former Speaker William
O’Brien over former Speaker Gene Chandler. We Democrats nominated Rep. Steve Shurtleff. With a substantial Republican majority in the
House, it was a foregone conclusion that a Republican would be elected Speaker. The difficulty was that in the 2011-2012 session, Speaker
O’Brien became known for bullying and disrespect for colleagues both Republican and Democrat. The individual stories I heard directly from
colleagues of both parties were stunning. In the 2013-2014 session I experienced for myself his disruptive, disrespectful actions. I was not
looking forward to an O’Brien-led House. I was troubled by his narrow victory in the Republican caucus. So how was my faith restored? It
was restored because 30-50 of my Republican colleagues, at their peril, stood up to the bullying, said no to the attempt to stack the deck
by changing the rules for the election, and refused to be intimidated by the threats or bought off by promises of future benefits. Because
they said no to all that, Rep. Shawn Jasper, Republican of Hudson, was elected Speaker. The end result is a Speaker who is more broadly
respected, a Speaker who conducts himself in a manner more likely to engender collaboration. While we Democrats are sure to have
disagreements on policy with our Republican colleagues, including Speaker Jasper, I am hopeful that our disagreements will be conducted
civilly in a context of mutual respect. That is a positive development for the people of New Hampshire and for the health of our democratic institutions. My faith in democratic process is renewed. For anyone interested, I have posted a more detailed account of the Speaker election
at where readers may also find my contact information.

State Rep. Jim Verschueren

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Susan Treleaven announces her candidacy for State Representative District 17 in Fosters!
Friday, September 5, 2014

Please write in Susan Treleaven

To the editor: My name is Susan Treleaven. I am asking that you write me in for a seat in the House of Representatives if you live in Dover Wards 5 or 6 or in Somersworth Ward 2 which make up District 17. I have been a resident of Dover for over 30 years and my husband and I raised our two sons here. A business woman and a longtime volunteer member of many boards, I have the communication and interpersonal skills to work with a broad range of individuals.

I am not running for the seat, I am standing for the seat. Those of you who know me will understand that my decision to take on this challenge is based in part on my desire to fill the gap left by the tragic loss of an original candidate for this position, Sherri Basso, who died suddenly last month. I am not a politician, nor do I aspire to be one. My willingness to serve is based on my belief that elected officials are public servants, in place to do the people’s work. I am standing for Sherri, in her honor and her memory. I did not get the chance to meet Sherri, yet I have learned about her and her platform, including her desire to ensure access to health care. I will work to follow the goals she set as a candidate for the House and will additionally bring to bear my own interests and passions regarding access to mental health care and education.

Due to timing issues in preparing ballots, my name will not be printed on the ballot and I will need to be “written in” on your primary ballot next Tuesday, Sept. 9 at your local polling place. I am eager to represent you and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible over the next week. Please vote on Sept. 9 and write my name on your ballot — Susan Treleaven (rhymes with heaven/eleven).

Susan Treleaven

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2014 Campaign Begins !
Bill Shaheen was the guest speaker at the Dover Democratic Committee’s (DDC) June meeting and successfully kicked this season’s campaign into high gear! With only a little more than four months left until November 4th, Mr. Shaheen reminded the 30-plus DDC members in attendance the importance of the upcoming election and getting out the vote.

The June program included the introduction of two candidates running for state representative for District 17, which includes Dover Wards 5/ 6 and Somersworth 2: Domenick Cama and Sherri Basso. Each introduced themselves to the DDC members, spoke on their background and why they decided to become a candidate for state representative. Both will run opposed by Republicans in the General Election, though it is unclear who they will be running against; the Republican candidates for state representative for District 17 have a Primary Election on Sept. 9th, when four candidates vie for three openings.

The DDC honored the service of two state representatives who were in attendance and have decided not to run for office again this year: Rep. Dorothy Hooper, District 16/ Dover Ward 4 and Rep. Steve Ketel, District 17, Dover Wards 5/ 6 and Somersworth 2.

The meeting also included the introduction of staff members assisting various political organizations and offices.

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Why is Mommy a Democrat ?

The Dover Democrats are now selling Jeremy Zilber's books "WhMommy Is A Democrat" and "Why Daddy Is A Democrat".  

The books are beautifully illustrated by Yuliya Fursova and they are great to read to your kids and your grandkids.  

All proceeds will go to support Dover Democratic candidates.  

Please call Bill Dudley at (603) 749-3899.  He will be happy to deliver for no charge in Dover. 


The Dover Democratic Committee (DDC) is a group of registered Democrats in Dover, NH who work hard to recruit and elect candidates for Dover's state representative seats and participate in programs and events that help the city and its residents

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