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The Dover Democratic Committee (DDC) is a group of registered Democrats in Dover, NH who work hard to recruit and elect candidates
for Dover's state representative seats and participate in programs and events that help the city and its residents

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Your Rep. in Concord

Fosters Daily Democrat has been publishing op/ed pieces from our own state reps. 

"In the interest of sharing our experiences in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, a group of Dover representatives has come together to write this weekly column on a rotating basis."

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Next Dover Democratic Committee Meeting

Thursday, April 24, 2014 7pm
Location TBD

Dover Democrats Host City Council Members

On Thursday, March 27, the Dover Democratic Committee (DDC) hosted two Dover City Council members at their monthly meeting held at Newick’s Lobster House to learn about important topics facing our city. Kristine Baber, Vice-Chair for the DDC, hosted a panel discussion with William Garrison III, City Councilor-Ward 2, and Deborah Thibodeaux, City Councilor-Ward 3. The panel started out with both of the Councilors explaining briefly why they ran for City Council, as well as their experiences so far serving their term(s).

Mr. Garrison, a resident since 2001 and former business owner, explained as he enters his third term that he has learned a lot through work on past groups, committees and campaigning, as well as additional experience serving with two previous City Councils. He stated this council is a great council to work with and is very involved in the outcome of the city. Ms. Thibodeaux’s first-term experience thus far has been equally as positive. The Councilor, a 13-year resident and a scientist by trade, said she approaches working on issues in the city with reasonableness.

Challenges facing Dover were also discussed and questions from DDC members were taken from the Councilors. Mr. Garrison listed the EPA, specifically the amount of nitrogen levels released in the waste water treatment center, as being an issue the city and state’s Department of Environmental Services (DES) are working on together. Ms. Thibodeaux added that nitrogen is a potential problem, but there is not enough data, and the city will work to get levels down because the bay is a precious resource.

The Dover Democrats were concerned with education, infrastructure projects and new developments in Dover. The City Councilors spoke about each of these subjects. They talked about education in detail and included the decision to build a new high school versus renovation, the assessment made to look for a new superintendent and the need to improve funding for education. The Councilors highlighted the deterioration of roads and explained the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget for the city at how projects are prioritized. Part of the CIP includes general street improvements and paving of roads throughout the city. It was further explained there is a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) on the city website where streets are listed and indexed by need of repair.

Finally, developments in downtown, including the waterfront area, new mill buildings, possible new museums locating to the area and the parking garage were also discussed.

The panel ended with Ms. Thibodeaux letting members know she hosts “Coffee with the Councilors” every second and fourth Saturday at Baby Ben’s in Dover from 1 to 3 p.m. to allow constituents to express their concerns. Other councilors are invited and during the last meet up Mayor Karen Weston and City Manager Michael Joyal attended. Mr. Garrison said to reach out anytime on the city website where his cell phone and email are available.

Helpful Links:

Dover Capital Improvements Program http://www.dover.nh.gov/government/city-operations/planning/special-projects/cip/index
Dover Pavement Management Activity (includes PCI) http://www.dover.nh.gov/government/city-operations/community-services/paving/index
Dover City Council and Mayor http://www.dover.nh.gov/government/boards-and-commissions/city-council/index


Annual FDR Dinner A Success ! 
by Sherri Basso

The Dover Democratic Committee's 7th Annual FDR Dinner put the home into homemade. Our new lasagna buffet was a huge hit. The McConnell Center was an accommodating location for the estimated 100 supporters who attended, and we tripled the number of our sponsors. All of the proceeds from the dinner will go directly to supporting Dover Democratic candidates.

Our two main speakers were Michelle Albion, Dover's own author who spoke about her latest book, “The Quotable Eleanor Roosevelt”, and Rep. Katherine Clark, the region's newest congresswoman from MA-Congressional District 5. Other featured speakers included Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, NH-Congressional District 1, and Speaker of the NH House of Representatives Terie Norelli, who gave an update on the NH legislature.

Other highlights from the program at the FDR dinner were speakers from NH including State Sen. David Watters, Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern, and a statement from Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. Also at the event were a raffle of items, including a 50/50 raffle, and a silent auction for a local business gift certificate. There was great conversation among supporters at the dinner regarding local, state, and national political events, and an enjoyable evening was had by all as the buffet of lasagna, salad, beverages and homemade desserts delighted those who attended.

Our hard work and our innovations paid off! Click here to view photos from the event.


DDC February 20 Meeting
by Sherri Basso

The Dover Democratic Committee (DDC) welcomed Dan Barufaldi, the Director of DBIDA (Dover Business & Industrial Development Authority), as a guest speaker at the monthly meeting held at the McConnell Center. Mr. Barufaldi informed us of the many vital roles he takes on in community.

For instance, some of his many responsibilities include attracting new businesses to Dover, by stressing the positive qualities that surround bringing a business and family to the area; maintaining, building, and expanding relationships with existing businesses and ensuring they thrive; and creating a Bus-Ed program with April O’Keefe at Dover High School for students and businesses to connect and engage in internships that often lead to future hiring potential. Mr. Barufaldi also touched upon his role in tourism, transportation, upcoming and present new commercial developments, and the creation of a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) District in downtown Dover.

Following the meeting, members of the committee had several interesting questions, which ranged from specific projects to his role in the community to his meetings at City Hall. It was very exciting to hear about new companies that will enrich our city and the positive statistics surrounding the city of Dover, such as a 3.9% unemployment rate and 340 new jobs created in 2013.

A brief business meeting preceded the guest speaker. Elections were held for vacant posts. Bill Dudley was elected as Treasurer to complete the term of Carole Appel (term ends in 2015). The floor was opened to fill 3 delegate positions: Nominated were Mary Jo Dudley, Jamie Sherwood, and Sherri Basso. It was moved, seconded, and passed to close nominations, and the slate was approved by acclamation.

Helpful links:

Dover Business & Industrial Development Authority: http://www.ci.dover.nh.us/edhome.htm

Bus-Ed Program at Dover High School: http://dover.nh.schoolwebpages.com/education/components/scrapbook/default.php?sectiondetailid=1202&linkid=nav-menu-container-4-19789%20


Why is Mommy a Democrat ?

The Dover Democrats are now selling Jeremy Zilber's books "WhMommy Is A Democrat" and "Why Daddy Is A Democrat".  

The books are beautifully illustrated by Yuliya Fursova and they are great to read to your kids and your grandkids.  

All proceeds will go to support Dover Democratic candidates.  

Please call Bill Dudley at (603) 749-3899.  He will be happy to deliver for no charge in Dover. 


Letter to the Editor

January 26, 2014

By Caroline French, Member of Dover Democrats Executive Committee

I went to Sen. Kelly Ayotte's Town Hall meeting is Somersworth last week. She accused Pres. Obama of overuse of Executive Orders. She knows this is not true. I instantly looked up the numbers on my smartphone. Pres. Obama has 161 Executive Orders. If he continues on that pace he will have fewer than the 291 George W. Bush had in his two terms. Bill Clinton had 364 in his presidency. Executive Orders are valid and important.  Because of Republican roadblocks the only way to get something done in Washington is by Executive Order. 

Because it was midday most of the people there were seniors like me. They don't have instant access to the internet. They believed her.  Although seniors vote at a high percentage they are not well-informed. People like cynical Sen. Kelly Ayotte tell them things that are not true. First Sen. Ayotte has the obligation of her high office to be truthful. Second seniors have an obligation to go to their senior centers and public libraries for computer education so that they can spot a lie.

Pres. Reagan's quote "trust but verify" is no longer valid. Seniors, your motto is  "verify, verify".  If senior organizations like the AARP and other NH based senior groups want to do something important for seniors, have free computer training courses. Seniors can then stop forwarding emails that are bogus and question with facts when someone like Sen. Ayotte tells a lie. 

Caroline French
Dover NH

DDC Member Joins the SCDC Executive Committee

On January 15, our own Caroline French was elected as Member-at-Large to the Strafford County Democratic Committee.  Caroline brings her institutional memory, energy and political acumen to the position.  Congrats Caroline !

Letter to Fosters - GMO Bill In The State House

December 12, 2013

The Dover Democrats' newest member, Sherri Basso wrote the following letter to Fosters.  This issue is important for our future food supply and our health.  Take a few minutes and read this information. 

To the Editor:

I am proud to say that New Hampshire is taking a step to guide and inform us by proposing a bill—HB660—that will require labeling of GMO products in New Hampshire. Of registered voters polled in New Hampshire at the end of October 2013,”This is also one of the rare examples of a policy that does not polarize across partisan boundaries. Ninety-three percent (93%) of Democrats, 89% of independents, and 90% of Republicans all agree that they have the right to know whether their food contains GMOs,” according to pollster Mark Mellman from the Mellman Group of Washington D. C., who conducted the poll.

HB 660 proposes that food containing GMOs be labeled appropriately giving those who want to know, the right to know while at the same time giving other shoppers an informed choice to make.

In response to the recent letter of Mike Somers, president and CEO of the N.H. Lodging and Restaurant Association, regarding the proposed increased cost to restaurants and consumers, this has already been addressed in the bill, which excludes food service establishments from disclosure. A full copy of the amended bill that came out of subcommittee last fall can be found online for those interested; it also excludes alcoholic beverages, medical food, and food donated to charitable food banks.

The Naysayers are always quick to tell you it will add cost to the companies, small and large, to add labeling and the cost will be passed on to consumers. Remember: companies change their labeling all the time when their ingredients or nutritional information change and the cost is not passed down. In addition, there have been studies done that have negated this scare tactic when labeling has been enforced in other countries: prices have not gone up. Rising costs has been one of the biggest scare tactics used in other states’ attempts to label GMOs to scare off voters.

Two of the names to watch out for in this GMO battle of labeling: the Monsanto Seed Company, who controls most of the genetically modified seed in the world and then calls for the use of their pesticide Roundup on that seed, which is now being used in extremely large doses. The other nefarious lobbyist is the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents some of the largest food and beverage manufacturers in the world. These companies and many others with millions to spend will stop at nothing to block GMO labeling. GMOs are good for business.

Another problem with information regarding studies claiming GMOs are safe or that the FDA does not find them harmful (or the American Medical Association, which uses FDA data): Michael Taylor is the Deputy Commissioner at the FDA and also a former Monsanto lobbyist. There is a clear conflict of interest that is not being addressed at the national level.

If you don’t have a lot of information regarding GMOs available to you, a great crash course is available by watching a movie trailer for “GMO OMG” by Jeremy Seifert at http://gmofilm.com/

I truly hope that anyone who took the time to read this also takes the time to please contact your local State Representatives; State Senator; and Governor Maggie Hassan and please tell them you support GMO Labeling in New Hampshire and HB660, which will be voted on January 22nd in the House. Thank you in advance for your time and support.

Sherri Basso